Vivitek DU9000 vs Vivitek DW814

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Basic Info
Price range
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Release dateJanuary 2015**
Projection system & image
Aspect ratio16:10 (WUXGA)16:10 (WXGA)
Brightness12,000 ANSI3,800 ANSI
Throw**1.0 - 8.3
Vertical lens shift
Horizontal lens shift
Vertical keystone
Horizontal keystone
3D mode
Vga in
Audio out
Other Features
Fan noise47.0 dB36.0 dB
Lamp life2,000 hours5,000 hours
Lamp watts465W240W
Height28 cm10 cm
Weight29.9 kg3.2 kg
Power usage1200 w330 w
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Comparison of both projectors: Vivitek DU9000 vs Vivitek DW814

The Vivitek DU9000 was released in January 2015; the Vivitek DW814 arrived in the market in **.

Concerning the projection system specifications, the Vivitek DU9000 has a low brightness (12,000 ANSI) compared to the brightness of the Vivitek DW814: 3,800 ANSI whereas the Vivitek DU9000 has a higher contrast of 5,000:1, the Vivitek DW814 having only 6,000:1. The Vivitek DU9000 has a lower resolution of 1920x1200 than the Vivitek DW814 having 1280x800.

As for the image system, the Vivitek DU9000 has the vertical shift, but the Vivitek DW814 doesn't, and there is also a difference in the keystone capabilities.Both projectors have the 3d mode.

The Vivitek DU9000 is HDMI compatible, it has a VGA IN port, the Vivitek DU9000 doesn't have an audio out, and has a USB port. The Vivitek DW814 is HDMI compatible, it has a VGA IN port, the Vivitek DW814 has an audio out, and has a USB port.

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